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Family Individualized Tuition

In the spirit of the Sacred Heart commitment to building community and removing barriers, we have implemented an innovative new tuition model called Family Individualized Tuition (FIT). FIT is designed to increase access to a high quality Sacred Heart education for academically qualified students who can strengthen our community and advance the mission of the Academy of the Sacred Heart and Berchmans Academy. We understand that each family’s household needs are individualized, so it makes perfect sense that tuition is individualized based upon need and ability, too. In a competitive independent school market, we want to be the top choice for your family!

When we toured the campus at Sacred Heart, I was struck by its beauty and its history, and especially by the confidence and kindness of the girls.  It was exactly what I wanted for my daughter and FIT bridged the gap of affordability for us and made it a possibility.

Family Individualized Tuition Application Process

  • The preferred deadline for current families for FIT is February 1, 2024 for the 2024-25 school year. Applications can be submitted as early as October 1, 2023. Eligibility for FIT for new families is ongoing.
  • To prepare to apply, collect the required supporting documents: most recent pay stubs and W-2 forms for all jobs; most recently filed tax return (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ with all schedules), most recently filed business tax return if applicable, and any supplemental income documentation (social security, child support, 1099M forms, workers’ compensation, unemployment, veterans benefits, etc).
  • Visit Blackbaud Financial Aid Management for School Tuition (BFAM) and create an account or log in if you already have an account. Complete the information required by BFAM and submit the required documentation. There is a $45 processing fee.
  • Once your information is processed, the Academy of the Sacred Heart will receive a recommendation from BFAM. Using BFAM’s recommendation and all other qualitative information provided by the family, a sustainable rate of tuition will be determined that prioritizes tuition as a top financial commitment but does not exceed your budget.
  • If you have questions about FIT, contact the Admissions Office or 337.662.7064. If you have questions about the BFAM application, contact or call 800.360.8027.

These options are fully explained in your enrollment contract.

The Academy and Berchmans use a fair and confidential process. We consider many factors as we determine each family’s tuition, including income, assets, liabilities, debts, the number of dependents and children in tuition-charging schools (excluding day care, preschool, and graduate school), and expenses. We will begin with the recommendation of BFAM, which is based on the information provided by each family during the BFAM application process. We will review the recommendation and all other qualitative information provided by the family and determine a sustainable rate of tuition that prioritizes tuition as a top financial commitment but does not exceed your budget.

FIT Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Team

D'Lane Wimberley Thomas
Admissions Director

Hélène Châtelain De Pronville                        Residential & International Global Education Admissions Coordinator 

Jenna Ibieta
Admissions Coordinator
Varsity Volleyball Coach

Tuition Individualized to You

Choosing the perfect fit for your child’s education is a very personal decision and we understand that many factors, including tuition, contribute to your final decision. In keeping with our Mission, our FIT tuition process individualizes each family’s rate of tuition so that a Sacred Heart education is within reach. As we move through the FIT process to determine your family’s contribution, please know that fairness and confidentiality are at the heart of this process. Our ultimate goal is to enrich our Sacred Heart community and touch the hearts and minds of more students at the Academy and Berchmans. FIT makes this possible!